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Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment

Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment is for people who have completed cancer treatment. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet.

Once treatment is over, many cancer survivors feel that although they are happy it’s over, they also wonder about what comes next. Many say that they had lots of information and support during their illness, but now there are new questions and concerns to address.

This booklet covers:

  • Your new normal after treatment
  • Getting follow-up medical care and how to talk with your doctor
  • Following a care plan and changes to make for health and wellness
  • Ways to manage physical changes from cancer or the disease
  • Body changes and intimacy issues after treatment
  • Coping with your feelings
  • Going back to work and relating with friends and coworkers

Show this booklet to the people who are close to you so they understand what life is like after cancer treatment. Take it with you to doctor visits to discuss the content with your health care team, especially the follow-up care sections.

The information in this booklet was last updated in March 2018.