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Cancer Pain Control: Support for People With Cancer

Cancer Pain Control is for people who have pain from cancer or from its treatment. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet.

Having cancer doesn’t mean you’ll have pain. But if you do, this booklet includes tips about managing your pain with medicine and other treatments.

This booklet covers:

  • the types and causes of cancer pain
  • how to talk about your pain with your health care team
  • how to make your pain control plan work for you
  • pain control medicines and side effects
  • medicine tolerance is not addiction
  • other ways to control pain
  • how having pain can affect your thoughts and feelings
  • financial issues and paying for pain medicine

Cancer pain can almost always be relieved. Talk with your doctor and health care team about any pain you are having. They may suggest certain parts of this booklet for you to read or give you other information specific to your cancer.

The information in this booklet was last updated in January 2019.