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Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer

Taking Time is for people newly diagnosed with cancer. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet.

Hearing that you have cancer changes your life, and the lives of those around you. The booklet discusses the many emotions that come with having cancer, as well as how to communicate with others about the disease.

This booklet covers:

  • The different feelings you may have and how to cope with and talk about them.
  • Changes for your family and ways to talk with family members and friends
  • Talking to your health care team about your cancer and what questions to ask
  • Getting help and support from others
  • Coping with a new self image and body changes
  • Managing your day-to-day life with cancer

Talk to your oncology social worker or other members of your health care team about the emotions and stressors that come with having cancer. Read this booklet for tips on coping with cancer and the changes it brings.

The information in this booklet was last updated in January 2019.