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When Cancer Returns

When Cancer Returns is for people who have been told that they have a cancer recurrence. Family and friends may also want to read this booklet. Having a cancer recurrence can bring many emotions such as shock, anger, sadness, and fear.  This booklet acknowledges those feelings and gives coping tips and information to help you get through the cancer experience once again.

This booklet covers:

  • Why and where cancer recurs
  • How to talk with your health care team and make treatment choices
  • Managing the side effects of treatment
  • How to cope with your feelings
  • Talking with family and friends
  • Looking for meaning in your life

Although hearing that you have a recurrence is devastating news, you now have experience and knowledge to help you during this time. Read this booklet and show it to your health care team for their input and advice on more ways to deal with a cancer recurrence.

The information in this booklet was last updated in February 2019.