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Join us! Brain Tumor Awareness Month Guide and Information

, by NCI-CONNECT Staff

Use our guide with resources and information to share with your community about brain tumors in May. By raising awareness, we can help those living with a brain tumor.

Updated May 2022

In May, for Brain Tumor Awareness Month (BTAM), let’s bring the brain tumor community together to raise awareness and educate people living with a brain tumor. Our voices together can improve care.

Primary central nervous system (CNS) tumors begin in the brain or spinal cord. About 25,000 people are diagnosed a year with a primary CNS cancer. All primary CNS cancers are rare, so often disease information, support, and expert care is hard to find.

You are encouraged to get involved by sharing information about brain tumors with others beginning in May and continue after BTAM. By raising awareness, our hope is to recognize the need for clinical studies to improve early diagnosis, standardize treatment, and improve the health of those living with this disease.

About Brain Tumors

Watch and share this NCI video: Brain and Other Central Nervous System Cancers | Did You Know?

Brain and Spine Cancers Did you Know?

In May and Every Day 

To bring together the brain tumor community and help encourage those living with a brain tumor, our doctors, nurses, patient care coordinators, researchers, scientists, administrators and more are sharing on social media what inspires them to work in neuro-oncology. We encourage you to do the same. We are also filling our news feed with gray, and sharing positive projects, activities, and advice from our patients and their care partners. . 

When you share your inspiration, please include the #BTAM hashtag! View our every day messages >

View inspiring messages from the brain tumor community >

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