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Deepa Prasad

Deepa Prasad stands in front of a green, wooded background while looking at something off camera to her right. She is a medium-skinned woman with short, dark hair and is wearing a dark blue top with a light purple brushstroke print.

Deepa Prasad is a UX designer leading projects to help researchers use childhood cancer data more effectively.

Credit: National Cancer Institute

UX Designer, The Childhood Cancer Data Lab, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

Optimizing childhood cancer data sharing is supported by committed professionals across many different job functions. As a user experience (UX) designer, Deepa Prasad (she/her) has led studies to better understand how researchers use childhood cancer data and what problems they face when finding data. She chose this field to make a positive impact and help researchers use data in more effective ways. Having previously worked with museums, Deepa is familiar with using UX methods to help get people to discover and engage with new information. She wanted to bring that skillset to the field of childhood cancer by making data easier to share. “I hope that we begin to place as much value in sharing well-annotated and reusable data as we do in publishing results,” said Deepa. “It would cement data sharing as the norm rather than an afterthought in the childhood cancer community.”

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