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Stories from the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative Community

The Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) community is made of a diverse group of children, adolescents, and young adults (AYAs), families, pediatric oncologists, researchers, data scientists, and many others. Each of these individuals shares a commitment to making faster progress in childhood cancer and a belief that harnessing the power of data can be a driver of that progress. Learn more through stories about patient and family experiences, individuals in the broader childhood cancer community, and the people behind NCI’s childhood cancer research and data sharing efforts.

Childhood Cancer Patient and Family Experiences

  • Micah

    Data from survivors like Micah are important for advancing childhood cancer progress.

Childhood Cancer Data Research in the Community

  • Deepa Prasad

    User experience designers like Deepa Prasad help make childhood cancer data sharing more effective.

Childhood Cancer Data Sharing at NCI

  • Brigitte Widemann

    Dr. Brigitte Widemann keeps the needs of children and AYA at the heart of data sharing efforts.