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Micah is a young, light-skinned, non-binary person with short curly hair and glasses. They are wearing a mint green t-shirt and jeans and are smiling at the camera.

Micah is a middle schooler and cancer survivor who hopes that their data will go on to help others.

Credit: National Cancer Institute

Childhood Cancer Survivor

Micah (they/them) is in 6th grade this year. Like many kids their age, they love being with friends and pursuing their hobbies—like reading, writing, being on the swim team, and learning to play the clarinet. Getting here was difficult though, as roughly a decade ago, at 15 months old, Micah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. This began months of treatment and care, including enrollment in a clinical trial and immunotherapy. Micah also endured additional surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, relapsing twice. But as of August 2014, they have no evidence of disease. Now Micah’s family hopes that information from Micah’s experiences goes on to help others with childhood cancer. “If there is anything that comes from Micah’s story, any data from their treatment and care, anything to make the process easier or more effective for future patients,” said Micah’s parents, Kate and Jeff, “that would be the ideal outcome.”

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