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RAS Reagents

Reagents developed by the RAS Reagents Group

The RAS Reagents group supplies nucleic acids, cell lines, and protein reagents for the RAS Initiative. We support the development of structural studies, drug screens, imaging experiments, and cell biology and biochemistry projects. Many of our reagents are available to the community as RAS Reference Reagents.

Our Progress

We have expressed and purified fully modified KRAS protein. This form of KRAS is required for signaling inside cells. Significant quantities have not been available until now. View the publication.

We have provided insect cells and engineered baculovirus to researchers for producing their own fully modified KRAS protein. The reagents and protocols developed by FNLCR scientists are now available for distribution to the community.

Our group has been able to share 360 RAS pathway genes with the research community through Addgene. This is the only source for the entire set of RAS pathway genes. Importantly the isoform of each gene was chosen to match the forms most commonly found in human cancers.

The work of our group has led to the construction of >200 expression plasmids for protein purification, structural biology, cell line construction, and single molecule imaging studies. These are for use within the FNLCR, but will be made available as their utility is demonstrated.

Our Projects

  • Structural biology
  • Single molecule imaging
  • In vitro and in vivo drug screens
  • Screens for vulnerabilities in cancer cell lines

Tools We Use

  • Gateway and Gateway Multisite cloning
  • Libraries of promoters, fluorescent proteins, purification tags, labeling tags
  • Bacterial, mammalian, insect, and viral vectors
  • RAS-less mouse embryonic fibroblasts


Dr. Dom Esposito, RAS Reagents Group Lead

For more information, contact the RAS Reagents Group team lead:

Dr. Dom Esposito

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