Advanced Cancer Research

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  • Study Confirms Benefits of Early Palliative Care for Advanced Cancer
    Posted: October 5, 2016

    A randomized clinical trial has found that patients who received palliative care along with standard treatment for advanced cancer reported having a better quality of life and mood than patients who did not receive early palliative care.

  • Prognosis Discussions Improve Understanding of Illness for Patients with Terminal Cancer
    Posted: June 27, 2016

    Many patients with advanced, incurable cancer have a poor understanding of their prognosis or life expectancy, a new study shows. Patients who discussed their prognosis with their doctors were more likely to understand the serious nature of their illness.

  • Patients with Advanced Cancer May Benefit from Discussing Prognosis with Physicians
    Posted: October 30, 2015

    Patients with advanced cancer may benefit from having discussions about their prognoses with their physicians.

  • Too Few Patients with Cancer Communicate Preferences for End-of-Life Care
    Posted: August 10, 2015

    Many patients with cancer and their physicians are not communicating about the patients’ preferences for end-of-life medical care, a new study suggests.

  • Study Shows Importance of Early End-of-Life Care Discussions
    Posted: November 13, 2012

    Discussions about palliative and end-of-life care are often delayed until late in a patient's life, if they take place at all. Earlier discussions may help to ensure that the care delivered at the end of life is consistent with a patient's preferences.

  • Training Providers and Patients to Talk about End-of-Life Care
    Posted: March 23, 2010

    Failing to discuss the transition from active cancer treatment to end-of-life care can leave doctors unsure of what a patient truly wants. Failing to receive end-of-life care in line with their values and wishes can cause patients and their families great distress. Researchers have developed innovative, evidence-based programs to help doctors and patients improve their communication skills and grow comfortable with these discussions.

  • Growing Pains: Palliative Care Making Gains
    Posted: September 8, 2009

    Palliative care has been shown to improve patient outcomes such as symptom management, quality of life, and patient and family satisfaction with care. The availability and role of palliative care varies tremendously, but acceptance among oncologists and other clinicians has never been greater.