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Cancer Moonshot℠ - Funding by Research Category

To ensure the Cancer Moonshot goals and approaches were grounded in the best science, NCI convened a Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) of scientific experts as a working group to the National Cancer Advisory board. In September of 2016, the BRP presented a final report outlining 10 research recommendations that represent areas that are well-positioned to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

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The following research categories align with these 10 recommendations:

Cancer Moonshot by Category, FY 2022
(Whole Dollars)
Research Category Amount1
Network for Direct Patient Engagement     $31,710,990
Cancer Immunotherapy Translational Science Network    


Therapeutic Target Identification to Overcome Drug Resistance    


A National Cancer Data Ecosystem for Sharing and Analysis    


Fusion Oncoproteins in Childhood Cancers    


Minimize Cancer Treatment’s Debilitating Side Effects


Prevention and early detection: Implementation of Evidence-Based Approaches


Retrospective Analysis of Biospecimens from Patients Treated with Standard of Care $0
Generation of Human Tumor Atlases


Development of New Enabling Cancer Technologies


Total $177,475,128

1 Includes new obligations and recoveries from fiscal years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 carryover accounts.  


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