NCI Extramural Programs

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The NCI uses most of its budget to fund extramural grants and contracts. The following links provide information about extramural funding by grant activity, institution, state, and country.

Research Project Grants (RPGs)

Displays a variety of RPG summaries, including the number of RPG awards, RPGs requested, awarded, and the success rate, RPG awards by grant activity codes; and RPGs by funding mechanisms.

Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs)

Displays the number and dollar amount of P50 and co-funded SPOREs.

National Research Service Awards (NRSA)

Displays the number of full-time predoctoral and postdoctoral trainee positions.

Research Career Awards “K” Program

Displays the number and dollar amount for K awards and the percent of total research career award funding.

Grant and Contract Awards

Displays the number and dollar amount of grant and contract awards, by state and by country.

Institutions Receiving More Than $15 Million

Displays the dollar amount for grants and contracts for these institutions.

  • Posted: May 15, 2017