Grants to NCI-Designated Cancer Centers

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NCI-designated cancer centers are institutions dedicated to research to develop more effective approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.  Find an NCI designated cancer center near you and learn about its patient services and research capabilities.

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NCI-Designated Cancer Center Totals, FY 2015
(Whole Dollars)
Mechanism Count Amount
Total P30s 69 $266,803,507
Planning Grants (P20s) 24 5,113,835
Other P20, P30 & U41 0 16,755,094
Total Cancer Centers 93 $288,672,436
NCI-Designated Cancer Centers by State (P30 Core Grants), FY 2015
(Whole Dollars)
State Grantee Institution Code Amount
Alabama University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Core $5,640,574
Arizona University of Arizona Comprehensive Core 1,917,600
California Burnham Institute for Medical Research Basic Core 2,184,600
City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Comprehensive Core 3,092,538
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Basic Core 3,887,448
Stanford University Clinical Core 2,249,153
University of California San Diego Comprehensive Core 3,138,579
University of California Davis Comprehensive Core 4,295,192
University of California Irvine Comprehensive Core 3,795,641
University of California Los Angeles Comprehensive Core 7,651,538
University of California San Francisco Comprehensive Core 1,213,480
University of Southern California Comprehensive Core 6,231,178
Colorado University of Colorado Denver Comprehensive Core 3,950,378
Connecticut Yale University Comprehensive Core 2,600,006
Dist of Col Georgetown University Comprehensive Core 2,246,754
Florida H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Comprehensive Core 2,946,954
Georgia Emory University Clinical Core 1,560,000
Hawaii University of Hawaii at Manoa Comprehensive Core 1,539,392
Illinois Northwestern University at Chicago Comprehensive Core 4,814,560
University of Chicago Comprehensive Core 4,272,677
Indiana Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Clinical Core 2,208,826
Purdue University West Lafayette Basic Core 1,527,821
Iowa University of Iowa Comprehensive Core 2,818,028
Kansas University of Kansas Medical Center Clinical Core 1,689,698
Kentucky University of Kentucky Clinical Core 1,505,000
Maine Jackson Laboratory Basic Core 2,023,677
Maryland Johns Hopkins University Comprehensive Core 7,181,067
University of Maryland Baltimore Clinical Core 1,735,000
Massachusetts Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Comprehensive Core 11,362,542
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Basic Core 3,572,644
Michigan University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Comprehensive Core 6,296,066
Wayne State University Comprehensive Core 2,529,146
Minnesota Mayo Clinic Rochester Comprehensive Core 5,755,389
University of Minnesota Twin Cities Comprehensive Core 3,561,178
Missouri Washington University Comprehensive Core 4,455,711
Nebraska University of Nebraska Medical Center Clinical Core 1,485,000
New Hampshire Dartmouth College Comprehensive Core 3,139,824
New Jersey Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Comprehensive Core 2,922,756
New Mexico University of New Mexico Clinical Core 2,073,543
New York Albert Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University Clinical Core 3,896,009
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Basic Core 4,418,824
Columbia University Health Sciences Comprehensive Core 3,949,853
Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Clinical Core 1,695,000
New York University School of Medicine Clinical Core 2,436,664
Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Comprehensive Core 4,090,043
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res Comprehensive Core 12,587,475
North Carolina Duke University Comprehensive Core 5,661,203
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Comprehensive Core 6,849,830
Wake Forest University Health Sciences Comprehensive Core 1,479,130
Ohio Case Western Reserve University Comprehensive Core 4,878,887
Ohio State University Comprehensive Core 4,642,429
Oregon Oregon Health and Science University Clinical Core 1,540,000
Pennsylvania Fox Chase Cancer Center Comprehensive Core 1,969,906
Thomas Jefferson University Clinical Core 2,807,751
University of Pennsylvania Comprehensive Core 7,704,373
University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Comprehensive Core 5,129,654
Wistar Institute Basic Core 2,578,347
South Carolina Medical University of South Carolina Clinical Core 1,495,000
Tennessee St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Comprehensive Core 6,012,603
Vanderbilt University Comprehensive Core 6,261,958
Texas Baylor College of Medicine Clinical Core 3,338,211
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Comprehensive Core 1,800,000
University of Texas San Antonio Health Science Center Clinical Core 10,605,362
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Clinical Core 1,615,000
Utah University of Utah Clinical Core 1,967,513
Virginia University of Virginia Charlottesville Clinical Core 2,617,468
Virginia Commonwealth University Clinical Core 1,630,017
Washington Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Comprehensive Core 9,785,343
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Madison Comprehensive Core 4,288,496
  • Posted: December 16, 2016