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NCI Budget Summary Data

This section of the NCI Budget Fact Book provides data about funds available to NCI and information on how NCI obligated its funding.

Most Recent Reported Fiscal Year Budget

Displays the actual NCI obligations resulting from appropriated and reimbursable funding for the recently reported fiscal year.

Funding Allocated to Major NCI Program Areas

Displays the actual NCI obligations by program structure.

Extramural Funding

Displays the dollar amount and percent of NCI budget for grants and contracts.

Obligations by Budget Mechanism and NCI Division

Displays obligations for grants, contracts, training fellowships, intramural research, and management and support, including the number of grant awards, funding amounts, and percent of the total NCI budget.

NIH Management Fund, Service and Supply Fund, and GSA Rent

Displays the funding amount and percent for the NCI portion of costs that are shared among all NIH Institutes and centers, with descriptions of each support activity.

Special Sources of Funds

Displays budget information for Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), royalty income, and the Stamp Out Breast Cancer Act funding.

Funding for Research Areas

Displays how appropriated funds are spent based on different categories or classifications, including specific cancer sites, cancer types, and diseases related to cancer.