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Funding Allocated to Major NCI Program Areas

Each fiscal year, NCI and other NIH institutes and centers report their obligations by mechanism. In addition to reporting by mechanism, reporting obligations by program structure is another way of showing how NCI obligates its funding each fiscal year.

For the purposes of reporting by program structure, NCI programs are categorized by budget activity. These budget activities include:

  • Research – categorized by the following research thrusts: Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI), cancer causation; detection and diagnosis; treatment; and cancer biology
  • Resource Development – cancer centers, research manpower development, and buildings and facilities
  • Cancer Prevention and Control
  • Program Management and Support

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Includes FY 2022 Cures Moonshot funding and excludes FYs 2019 through 2021 Cures Moonshot carryover obligations. 

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