NIH Management Fund, Service and Supply Fund (SSF), and GSA Rent

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The Management Fund provides financing for many common research and administrative support activities to maintain NIH scientific operations. The chart and table below show the distribution of NCI’s payment for these common activities and NCI’s share as a percent of NIH total.

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NIH Management Fund, SSF, and GSA Rent FY 2015
(Whole Dollars)
Distribution of NCI Payment Amount Share of NCI
Clinical Center $118,827,710 42.9%
Center for Scientific Review 19,652,435 7.1%
Center for Information Technology 6,020,814 2.2%
Service & Supply Fund Assessment (SSF) 105,668,328 40.4%
Other Research Services 12,851,168 4.6%
Other OD 7,678,100 2.8%
Total NCI Management Fund & SSF $270,698,555 100%
Management Fund & SSF Subtotals
(Whole Dollars)
Type Amount Percent
NCI $270,698,555 16.7%
Other NIH Institutes 1,372,775,660 83.3%
Total NIH MFUND $1,623,474,215 100%

The Management Fund provides for the financing of certain common research and administrative support activities to maintain NIH scientific operations.

  • Clinical Center: Admissions and follow-up anesthesiology, diagnostic x-ray, nuclear medicine, clinical pathology, blood bank, rehabilitation medicine, pharmacy, medical records, nursing services, patient nutrition services, housekeeping services, laundry, and social work
  • Center for Scientific Review: Initial scientific review of applications and assignment of research grant applications to institutes
  • Center for Information Technology: Research and development program in which concepts and methods of computer science are applied to biomedical problems
  • GSA Rental Payments for Space: All building rental costs, including utilities and guard services
  • Other Research Services: Procurement, safety, engineering, biomedical engineering, veterinary resources, and library services
  • Service & Supply Fund (SSF): Mainframe computing, enterprise IT software planning and development, engineering planning and design, printing, telecommunications, procurement, shipping and receiving, motor pool, research animals, fabrication and maintenance of scientific equipment, utilities and plant maintenance, and biomedical engineering
  • Posted: December 16, 2016