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Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs)

In 1992, the NCI established the Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE). Each SPORE focuses on a specific organ site, such as breast or lung cancer, or on a group of highly related cancers, such as gastrointestinal cancers. SPOREs are designed to enable the rapid and efficient movement of basic scientific findings into clinical settings, as well as to determine the biological basis for observations made in individuals with cancer or in populations at risk for cancer. Total funding shown represents the SPORE program using relevant P50s, P20s, U54s, and co-funded grants external to NCI.

The Translational Research Program (TRP) is the home of the SPOREs, a cornerstone of NCI’s efforts to promote collaborative, interdisciplinary translational cancer research. SPORE grants involve both basic and clinical/applied scientists, and support projects that will result in new and diverse approaches to the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of human cancers. For more information on these SPORE grants and organ sites, please visit the Translational Research Program.

The NCI Funded Research Portfolio (NFRP) web site contains additional information about the SPORE grants listed below that have been funded by NCI. The NFRP provides access to various NCI budget reports that contain information about research funding according to specific research categories. For more detailed information on all SPORE grants, please visit the NCI Funded Research Portfolio.

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FY 2019 Funding for SPORE Grants
(Whole Dollars)
Mechanism Site Amount
P50 SPOREs Bladder $2,138,849
Brain 13,195,944
Breast 9,296,715
Cervical 1,279,343
Endometrial 2,090,228
Gastrointestinal (GI) 9,419,551
GI (Colorectal & Pancreatic Cancers) 2,325,000
Head and Neck 1,777,841
Kidney 4,277,019
Leukemia 5,970,645
Liver 4,654,`107
Lung 7,589,329
Lymphoma 9,428,795
Melanoma 4,146,656
Myeloma 4,396,947
Neuroendocrine 2,139,000
Ovarian 5,361,678
Pancreatic 2,134,321
Prostate 14,382,308
Sarcoma 2,126,449
Skin 2,324,892
Thyroid 0
  Subtotal $110,445,617
U54 SPOREs Hyperactive RAS $2,124,182
Subtotal $2,124,182
Co-funded Head & Neck $216,200
  Total Co-funded $216,200
Total Number of SPOREs, Total SPORE Funding $112,795,999
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