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Research Programs and Initiatives

The Center for Global Health engages in a variety of research programs and initiatives throughout the world. Programs build on the strategic priorities of CGH through initiatives that promote knowledge sharing in cancer research and cancer control, strengthen capacity through training, and develop research networks to facilitate collaboration and increase efforts to reduce the global burden of cancer. In addition, CGH develops, initiatives, and collaborates with other NCI divisions, NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, and countries to support cancer control planning, encourage capacity building, and support cancer research and research networks.

Cancer Research and Research Networks

CGH coordinates the development of research initiatives and international research networks to decrease the global burden of cancer, facilitate cancer research, and develop research infrastructure in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Cancer Control Planning

CGH helps implement cancer control planning by supporting efforts to implement cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis, and treatment programs into health systems.

Capacity Building

CGH's capacity-building programs engage stakeholder groups across the health care spectrum to enhance training; screening, diagnosis, and treatment; grant writing; and peer review in LMICs.