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CSSI Resources for Cancer Researchers

The Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives (CSSI) coordinates initiatives and resources to support the cancer research community, including informatics tools, data portals, seminars, reagents, and standardized assays to enable cancer research.

  • Serological Sciences Network Resources

    A source of standardized assays, SOPs, and CDEs to harmonize serosurveillance studies and other SARS-CoV-2 related research.

  • 4D Nucleome Data Portal

    A platform to search, visualize, and download nucleomics data from the 4D Nucleome (4DN) Network, a program which aims to understand the principles underlying nuclear organization.

  • Emerging Technologies for Cancer Research

    NCI's Emerging Technologies Seminar Series highlights novel tools that could transform cancer research and clinical care. View the recordings of past seminars to learn about new immuno-oncology approaches, informatics tools, liquid biopsy methods, imaging platforms, cancer models, and more technologies being developed to advance cancer research.

  • HPV and COVID-19 Serology Lab

    A source of validated and standardized serology assays and standards for HPV and COVID-19 to support studies of immune responses to infection and vaccines.

  • Resources at the Frederick National Laboratory

    The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research maintains more than 15 million biological specimens, frozen tumor samples, research reagents, and genetically engineered mouse models and other resources available for use by the research community.

  • Thrombosis in Cancer: Standardization of Biomarker Measurements

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for measuring biomarkers of thrombosis developed through a study to identify the impact of pre-analytical variables on the analysis of plasma biomarkers.