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Research advocates have the ability to improve every aspect of the research process, from planning activities to the dissemination of research results. Advocates bring the collective patient perspective, which enriches those who volunteer to participate in research studies and those whose lives will ultimately be touched by the results. Including advocates in NCI activities benefits:

Advocates are playing such an important role with their support of cancer research. They are providing critical analyses and insights that help ensure that research advances are more quickly and carefully translated to the patient and public health settings.

Dr. Christopher L. Hatch, Chief, Program Coordination and Referral Branch, NCI Division of Extramural Activities

  • Cancer research: Incorporating the perspective of those who are directly affected by cancer can lead to more effective outreach to target audiences.
  • NCI and other federal agencies: The Office of Advocacy Relations (OAR) provides experienced research advocates to Institute staff. This helps break down barriers between the public and researchers, thereby establishing opportunities for regular communication and collaboration.
  • Research advocates: Advocates receive the opportunity to participate directly in research planning, prioritizing, and communicating.

NCI staff can request a research advocate by completing this form. For all other requests, please contact us.

Process to Request an Advocate Infographic
  1. Submit: You will submit a request for advocate involvement in the OAR research advocate system.
  2. Contact: An OAR staff member will contact you to discuss your needs.
  3. Match: You will be provided with a list of qualified advocates matched to you by OAR. This list will be based on the information that you provided as well as OAR's ongoing relationships with potential advocates.
  4. Select: You will select the most appropriate advocate(s) based on the requirements of your activity.
  5. Prepare: OAR will help you contact and prepare the selected advocate(s) to participate in your activity.
  6. Support: OAR will provide ongoing support to you and the advocate(s) throughout the activity.
  7. Evaluate: After the activity is over, OAR will seek your feedback and will ask you and the advocate(s) to complete an evaluation.