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Advocacy Announcements and Resources

Please subscribe to the OAR LISTSERV to receive periodic email updates about cancer research advocacy.

NCI offers several other resources for cancer research advocates, including:

  • Professional Judgment Budget Proposal
    NCI’s Professional Judgment Budget Proposal is prepared each fiscal year to provide a professional judgment on the optimum funding needed to make rapid progress against cancer.
  • NCAB/BSA Meeting Information
    The National Cancer Advisory Board and the Board of Scientific Advisors meet throughout the year and make recommendations on research priorities conducted or supported by NCI, and also may review applications for grants.
  • Cancer Currents Blog
    NCI’s Cancer Currents blog features news and updates from around the Institute, and includes posts authored by leading cancer research experts.
  • Cancer Type Index
    Use this alphabetical list of all cancers—available in English and Spanish—to find disease-specific and general cancer health information about treatment, coping, screening, prevention, clinical trials, and other topics.
  • NCI Key Initiatives
    In addition to supporting investigator-initiated science, training, and a host of other programs, NCI also invests in major research initiatives to support specific issues in the cancer research enterprise, like precision medicine, data management, and more.
  • Advocate Engagement Overview (For Researchers)
    Researchers looking to engage advocates can use these guideline for supporting a culture of advocate engagement as a starting point for working with advocates.
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