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OHAM Staff and Contact Information

Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy
The National Cancer Institute
31 Center Drive, Room 3A33
Bethesda, MD, USA 20852-2440




Office of the Director

Robert Yarchoan, M.D.
Read more about Robert Yarchoan, M.D.

Raejean Hermansen, Ph.D.
Special Assistant to the OHAM Director

Denise Jenkins, M.B.A.
Program Specialist
Read more about Denise Jenkins, M.B.A.

Frehiwot Kiflemariam
Staff Assistant, Office of the Director

AIDS Malignancy Program

Geraldina Dominguez, Ph.D.
Read more about Geraldina Dominguez, Ph.D.

Johnan Kaleeba, Ph.D.
Program Director

AIDS Cancer Clinical Program

Mostafa Nokta, M.D., Ph.D.
Read more about Mostafa Nokta, M.D., Ph.D.

Rebecca Liddell Huppi, Ph.D.
Program Director
Read more about Rebecca Liddell Huppi, Ph.D

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