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Office of Management

The Office of Management is responsible for administrative and financial functions of NCI. It includes the following offices.

Deputy Director for Management

The Office of the Deputy Director for Management provides executive leadership and oversight for all of NCI’s business functions and administrative activities. The office provides advice and guidance to the NCI director and other senior staff on business and administrative issues and leads a variety of management programs vital to the institute’s operations. The office also implements legislative and administrative mandates and develops innovative solutions for a variety of business processes and systems that impact NCI’s mission.

Contact the Office of the Deputy Director for Management at

Administrative Resource Centers

NCI’s Administrative Resource Centers guide and implement administrative services for NCI staff, including for budgets, procurement, personnel management, property accountability, facilities, travel, and other business management policies. The centers contribute to reports on NCI activities and recommend improvements for administrative functions.

Ethics Office

NCI’s Ethics Office administers a comprehensive ethics program to ensure that NCI employees comply with the institute’s statutory responsibilities and serve the public with integrity. The Ethics Office administers annual public and confidential financial disclosure processes, as well as reviews requests and provides advice for official duties, outside activities, sponsored travel, protocol clearance, collaborative agreement clearance, gifts, honorary awards, preclearance of new and special government employees, and post-employment activities to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and policies. The office advises and assists employees regarding the application of ethics laws, regulations, and policies. It develops NCI ethics training plans, advises the Office of the Director regarding conflicts of interest of employees, trainees, and other appointees, and identifies management issues requiring action by the Office of General Counsel, Office of Management Assessment and the Office of Inspector General.

Contact the NCI Ethics Office at

Office of Workforce Strategy and Effectiveness

The Office of Workforce Strategy and Effectiveness advises NCI leadership on organizational performance and efficiency and provides coordinated policies, programs, services, tools, and resources to optimize organizational health, individual performance, and employee engagement. This is accomplished through five branches. The Workforce Development Branch focuses on organizational performance, talent development, NCI leadership programs, and strategic planning to maintain high performing teams. The Workforce Engagement Branch focuses on programs and systems that support employee engagement and wellness and creates an inclusive environment where all staff can thrive and contribute to the organization's mission. The Workforce Management Branch serves as the human resource (HR) liaison to the NCI’s Administrative Resource Centers, providing HR guidance and tools. This branch also facilitates senior level Title 42 recruitments, and coordinates NCI-wide performance management and awards program. The Workforce Planning Branch conducts human capital data analyses and provides human capital planning services and resources to NCI leaders. This branch also orients and onboards new employees and supervisors and provides change management services. The Workforce Relations Branch provides advice regarding employee productivity, performance and conduct and actions to enforce compliance with Federal laws, regulations, and policies, and coordinates resolution of informal and formal complaint processes.

Contact the Office of Workforce Strategy and Effectiveness at

Information Technology Resource Center

The Information Technology Resource Center oversees the Office of Management’s information technology (IT) program. Among other duties, it manages the office’s administrative and management applications and reporting technology tools and oversees the strategic planning, development, integration, and financial support of technology. The IT Resource Center partners with NCI’s Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) to ensure that the Office of Management's IT applications and systems comply and operate within all infrastructure and security requirements supported by CBIIT.

Contact the IT Resource Center at

Office of Acquisitions

The Office of Acquisitions negotiates, awards, and administers contracts and simplified acquisitions in support of NCI’s mission to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. It publicizes contracting opportunities and conducts acquisitions for research and development services, other development services, and supplies.

Contact the Office of Acquisitions at 240-276-5440 or

Office of Budget and Finance

The Office of Budget and Finance plans, directs, and coordinates the financial management of NCI and advises NCI leaders on all aspects of the agency’s budget. This includes managing and monitoring the NCI budget, administering accounting and funds control systems, managing the preparation of the President’s Budget Request for NCI, explaining the NCI budget and providing information to National Institutes of Health and Department of Health and Human Services officials and the public, and analyzing past, present, and prospective financial trends. The Office of Budget and Finance also produces the NCI Budget Fact Book, an annual report that provides information and data from the previous fiscal year.

Contact the Office of Budget and Finance at 240-760-6150 or

Office of Extramural Finance and Information Analysis

The Office of Extramural Finance and Information Analysis manages all financial aspects of NCI’s extramural grant programs, including advising on budgets and policies to inform how extramural research is funded. The office manages NCI’s grants-related financial information systems and is the primary contact for financial management of extramural research.

Contact the Office of Extramural Finance and Information Analysis at

Office of Grants Administration

NCI’s Office of Grants Administration supports grants and cooperative agreements, helping to build a cohesive and comprehensive cancer research agenda. The office manages the business aspect of over $3 billion in annual grant awards and ensures that grantees and NCI comply with all legal requirements and administrative policies.

Learn about grant policies and how to apply for a grant.

Contact the Office of Grants Administration at 240-276-6399 or

Office of Government and Congressional Relations

The Office of Government and Congressional Relations facilitates relationships between NCI, the US Congress, and the public by keeping NCI leaders informed about legislative activities relevant to NCI, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Cancer Program. The office processes and responds to Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests and maintains the State Cancer Legislative Database program. It works with Congress, the White House, the Department of Health and Human Services and its Office of Inspector General, and the US Government Accountability Office.

Contact the Office of Government and Congressional Relations at NCIOGCR@mail.nih.go.

Office of Management Policy and Compliance

The Office of Management Policy and Compliance provides management oversight of and advises NCI leadership on the execution and oversight of Federal, Department of Health and Human Services, and National Institutes of Health administrative management requirements. It develops NCI-wide management and administrative policies, procedures, and evaluations and analyzes business data to recommend steps to ensure compliance with Federal requirements. The office serves as the NCI liaison with NIH and other Federal agencies in the coordination and reporting of administrative management activities.

Contact the Office of Management Policy and Compliance at 240-276-5582 or by email at:

Office of Space and Facilities Management

NCI’s Office of Space and Facilities Management acquires and manages property assets, from leasing and renovation plans to security and daily operations of NCI facilities. The office manages NCI’s Space Management Database, Construction Grants Program, and Facility Management Repair and Improvement funds. It represents NCI on NIH’s Critical Response Team and NIH’s Master Plan.

Contact the Office of Space and Facilities Management at

Technology Transfer Center

NCI’s Technology Transfer Center enables and guides collaboration, invention development, and licensing of biomedical technology by facilitating collaborations and partnerships between NIH researchers and nongovernment scientists and organizations involved in biomedical research and development. The center negotiates co-development agreements with outside parties, including universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and non-profit organizations.

Contact the Technology Transfer Center by phone at 240-276-5530 (Rockville) or 301-624-8775 (Frederick) or at

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