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September 2020 - Welcome to the NCI Bottom Line Blog

    • Accelerating Progress: NCI Annual Plan and Budget Proposal for FY 2022
      , by L. Michelle Bennett, Ph.D.

      In this blog, Dr. Michelle Bennett, director of NCI’s Center for Research Strategy, provides an overview of the FY 2022 Annual Plan and Budget Proposal. This blog post highlights NCI’s proposal to increase paylines and showcases patient stories that inform our scientific strategy and planning.

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    • Global Leaders in Cancer Research Partner on Cancer Grand Challenges
      , by Dr. Dinah S. Singer

      For this edition of the NCI Bottom Line, Dr. Singer highlights what NCI and CRUK’s new partnership, Cancer Grand Challenges, means for cancer research. Cancer Grand Challenges will fund novel ideas by multidisciplinary research teams from around the world that offer the potential to advance bold cancer research and improve outcomes for people affected by cancer.

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