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stage IVB hypopharyngeal cancer
(... HY-poh-fuh-RIN-jee-ul KAN-ser)
Stage IV hypopharyngeal cancer is divided into stages IVA, IVB, and IVC. In stage IVB, the tumor (1) may be any size and cancer may have spread to the thyroid cartilage, the bone above the thyroid cartilage, the thyroid gland, the cartilage around the trachea, the esophagus, or the nearby muscles and fatty tissue in the neck. Cancer has spread to a lymph node that is larger than 6 centimeters or has spread through the outside covering of a lymph node into nearby connective tissue; or (2) has spread to the connective tissue covering the muscles that support the spinal column, the area around the carotid artery, or the area between the lungs. Cancer may have also spread to lymph nodes in the neck.