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Childhood Cancer Data Initiative Data Ecosystem Platforms and Tools

A range of childhood cancer data platforms and tools will be available as part of the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) Data Ecosystem. These resources are being created and connected to make it easier to locate and use data that could help advance childhood cancer research.  

Users can access data within the CCDI Data Ecosystem via the Explore Dashboard, found on the CCDI Hub. The Explore Dashboard makes it easy for users to find, filter, and visualize CCDI-managed data. The CCDI Hub also provides information about and links to CCDI platforms, tools, and other resources.

As the CCDI Data Ecosystem is further developed, information about more platforms and tools will be added below.

CCDI Childhood Cancer Clinical Data Commons

The CCDI Childhood Cancer Clinical Data Commons (C3DC) is an open-access web application with childhood cancer demographics and phenotypic clinical data. These data have been harmonized to a standard set of common data elements. The C3DC allows users to search for participant-level data, create synthetic cohorts, and export data.

CCDI Childhood Cancer Data Catalog

The CCDI Childhood Cancer Data Catalog is an inventory of childhood cancer data repositories from across the childhood cancer research community. This catalog will make it easier for researchers, doctors, and citizen scientists to find data that will help them. Each resource page includes a summary description, data content types, and links to access the data. The inventory includes childhood cancer repositories, registries, data commons, websites, tools, and catalogs that manage and refer to data.

CCDI Molecular Targets Platform

The CCDI Molecular Targets Platform is a tool that provides information about molecular targets—molecules involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells—that specifically affect childhood cancers. The platform includes information sourced from the Food and Drug Administration’s Pediatric Molecular Target Lists and several other projects, with plans to add more sources.

CCDI National Childhood Cancer Registry

The CCDI National Childhood Cancer Registry (NCCR) is a rapidly growing public data resource on childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer statistics. NCCR data come from hospitals, research centers, health care administrations, and other sources and are accessible through NCCR*Explorer. NCCR’s primary goal is to collect data from children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer—regardless of where they receive care—to better understand the causes, outcomes, effective treatments, and late effects of childhood cancer. This resource will enhance access to and use of childhood cancer and survivorship data, allowing researchers to answer important questions needed to improve outcomes and track clinical trial participation.

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