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NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH is a precision medicine clinical trial that will enroll children and adolescents with advanced cancers that have progressed on standard therapy.

As in the adult NCI-MATCH trial, DNA sequencing will be used to identify pediatric patients whose tumors have a genetic change for which either an approved or investigational targeted therapy exists. NCI is working with numerous pharmaceutical companies to make drugs available for the trial.

Pediatric MATCH provides an opportunity to test molecularly targeted therapies in children and adolescents with advanced cancers who have few other treatment options. With the genomic data captured in the trial, it will also produce an invaluable resource for studying the genetic basis of pediatric cancers.

Pediatric MATCH, which will be led by the NCI-funded Children’s Oncology Group, is still under development and details on a timetable for launch or patient enrollment are not firm. However, the aim is to start the trial in 2017.  

  • Updated: February 24, 2017

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