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Asparaginase Erwinia Chrysanthemi (Recombinant)-rywn

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 (as-PAYR-uh-jih-NAYS er-WIH-nee-uh krih-SAN-theh-my)

This page contains brief information about asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi (recombinant)-rywn (Rylaze) and a collection of links to more information about the use of this drug, research results, and ongoing clinical trials.

US Brand Name(s)
FDA Approved

FDA label information for this drug is available at DailyMed.

Use in Cancer

Asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi (recombinant)-rywn is approved to treat adults and children aged 1 month and older with:

Asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi (recombinant)-rywn is used in patients who can no longer take asparaginase made from E. coli. It is a recombinant form of asparaginase made from the bacterium Erwinia chrysanthemi.

This drug is also available in a non-recombinant form. For more information, see the Drug Information Summary for Asparaginase Erwinia Chrysanthemi.

More About Asparaginase Erwinia Chrysanthemi (Recombinant)-rywn

Definition from the NCI Drug Dictionary - Detailed scientific definition and other names for this drug.

Research Results and Related Resources

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Clinical Trials Accepting Patients

Find Clinical Trials for Asparaginase Erwinia Chrysanthemi (recombinant)-rywn - Check for trials from NCI's list of cancer clinical trials now accepting patients.

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