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The 13th AORTIC 2021 International Virtual Conference

November 5 – November 10, 2021

Virtual Meeting

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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is co-convening several scientific sessions at the 13th African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) virtual meeting. AORTIC and NCI session topics for the 2021 conference include:  Comorbidities and Cancer, COVID-19 and Cancer, Clinical Trials, Tobacco Control, Global Cancer Health Disparities, Hepatobiliary Cancer, HIV-associated Cancers, Implementation Science, Esophageal Cancer, Radiation Oncology, Lymphoma, Pathology/Biobanking, Beginning Investigator Grant for Catalytic Research (BIG Cat), and Research and Training Opportunities at the NCI.

Conference Keynotes and Special Guests include a welcome address by Abubakar Bello, MD, President, AORTIC; and opening remarks by Satish Gopal, MD, MPH, Director, Center for Global Health, NCI. Learn more about the program and register.

NCI Sessions at AORTIC        
Date | Time [Times Listed are SAST] Session
Fri 5 Nov          |    13:00-20:15 Pre-Conference: Implementation Science for Cancer Control in Africa
Sat 6 Nov         |    13:00-17:00 Pre-Conference: Implementation Science for Cancer Control in Africa
Sat 6 Nov         |    17:30-18:30 Plenary: Opening Remarks
Sun 7 Nov       |    16:00-17:30 Advancing Implementation Science in Africa to Address the Rising Cancer Burden on the Continent
Sun 7 Nov       |    16:00-17:30 Radiation Oncology – Building Multi-Disciplinary Care for Women with Gynecological Cancer in Africa
Sun 7 Nov       |    18:00-19:15 Hepatobiliary Cancers
Mon 8 Nov      |    15:45-17:30 Global Cancer Health Disparities: Africa’s Perspective
Mon 8 Nov      |    18:00-19:00 Plenary: Advancing Tobacco Control on the African Continent
Mon 8 Nov      |    19:00-20:30 Comorbidities and Cancer
Tues 9 Nov     |    14:00-14:45 Research and Training Opportunities at NCI
Tue 9 Nov       |    15:00-16:30 HIV-Associated Cancers
Tue 9 Nov       |    15:00-16:30 Pathology Biobanking for Research: International Networks, BCNET and Educational Opportunities
Tue 9 Nov       |    17:30-18:30 Clinical Trials in Africa
Tue 9 Nov       |    18:30-19:30 (Abstract) The AFRECC GWAS of Esophageal Cancer in Africa
Tue 9 Nov       |    18:30-19:30 (Abstract) The Initial Analysis of Survivorship Care Objectives in National Cancer Control
Tue 9 Nov       |    18:30-19:30 BIG Cat: Advancing Cancer Research in Africa Through Early-Career Awards
Tue 9 Nov       |    19:30-20:45 Esophageal Cancer 
Wed 10 Nov   |    15:00-16:15 Lymphoma 
Wed 10 Nov   |    15:00-17:00 COVID-19 & Cancer in Africa


Pre-Recorded Abstracts With NCI Presenting and Co-Authors
Presenter Abstract Title
Maeve Bailey-Whyte High Urinary 11-Dehydro Thromboxane B2 Associates With Lethal Prostate Cancer in African American Men and Inversely Correlates With Aspirin Use
Mishka Kohli Cira Supporting National Cancer Control Plan Development, Implementation, and Evaluation Through the International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP) Technical Assistance Program
Linsey Eldridge Evaluating a Project ECHO Virtual Community of Practice to Support National Cancer Control Plan Implementation
Elise Garton Ten Years of U.S. National Cancer Institute Funding in Africa: A Longitudinal Analysis
Brittany Lord Exploring the Relationship of Circulating Fatty Acids and Immune-Oncological Markers With Prostate Cancer in a Diverse Cohort of Men
Minas Tsion Blood Levels of TNFSF9 and PTN Predict Lethal Prostate Cancer Among African American Men
Sally Peprah Inverse Association of Plasmodium Falciparum Positivity With Endemic Burkitt Lymphoma in the Epidemiology of Burkitt Lymphoma in East African Children and Minors (Emblem): Case Control Study: Role of Anti-Malaria Treatment
Laura Prakash Implementation Science Research Funded by the U.S. National Cancer Institute: An Analysis of Grants With International Collaborators 
Marianne Henderson BCNET and ISBER Provide Biobanking Tools and Resources for LMIC Scientists
Marianne Henderson Research Infrastructures Sustainability Through Times of Crisis: The Example of Biobanks Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic