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Janice Embry, M.S.

Program Analyst
Division of Cancer Biology (DCB)
Office of the Director

Janice Embry has expertise in multiple areas, including interpersonal skills and communication training, psychology, sociology/anthropology, and Higher Education Counseling. She specializes in DCB grants management policies.


Prior to coming to NIH/NCI-Division of Cancer Biology, Janice was a Supervisor, Business Manager and Manager-Administrative Services at CFF-Cystic Fibrosis Foundation headquarters in Bethesda, MD – with management oversight and responsibilities for 90 plus chapters nation-wide.

She came to NIH/NCI-DCB to continue helping people and to contribute towards the scientific endeavors and sustaining efforts to help find a cure for dreaded diseases such as cancer.  “In this life you should have an end goal to help people in any way you can and by using any gifts and God-given talents afforded you. So, whatever you do in this life -- the bottom line is that it should be earnestly and sincerely done with the ultimate goal of helping your fellow man and effectually on their behalf.”


  • M.S., Counselor Education for the Higher Educational Student, Illinois State University 
  • B.S., Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Illinois State University
  • A.A., Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Black Hawk East Jr. College 
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