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Division of Cancer Biology

The Division of Cancer Biology (DCB) supports basic research in all areas of cancer biology at academic institutions and research foundations across the United States. As part of the National Cancer Institute, DCB provides funding for research that investigates the basic biology behind cancer.

Research in the field of basic cancer biology focuses on the mechanisms that underlie fundamental processes such as cell growth, the transformation of normal cells to cancer cells, and the spread, or metastasis, of cancer cells. This research provides the building blocks to new treatments, clinical trials, and improved understanding of the disease. Basic research has enabled much of the progress made over the years in the search for a cure for cancer.



  • DCB Research Portfolio

    Explore the broad range of investigator-initiated research and programs funded by the NCI Division of Cancer Biology to advance existing and emerging research areas in cancer biology.

  • DCB Research Programs

    Information about NCI Division of Cancer Biology research programs that foster emerging areas in cancer biology and the development of new experimental models for cancer research.

  • DCB Funding

    The NCI Division of Cancer Biology funds and supports extramural basic research that investigates the fundamental biology behind cancer. Find out more about grants processes and funding opportunities related to cancer biology.

  • DCB Research Resources

    A collection of researcher resources specific to cancer biology research.

  • DCB News and Events

    The latest news and events from the NCI Division of Cancer Biology.

  • About DCB

    Learn about the branches of the NCI Division of Cancer Biology, as well as how it prioritizes programs, facilitates research, and communicates with scientists.

  • Progress in Advancing Basic Cancer Research

    The NCI Division of Cancer Biology supports important fundamental discoveries across the spectrum of cancer biology, which lay the foundation for advances in cancer prevention and treatment. Learn more about DCB's impact and progress in basic cancer research.