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DCB Funding Opportunity and Grants-Related Resources

DCB provides public resources related to funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) and NCI grant policies to cancer researchers. Information and access to these resources is included below.

New Grantee Workshop 

DCB offers an annual workshop for new and early-stage investigators to familiarize them with the processes and standards of DCB, NCI and NIH.

The workshop is designed for DCB grantees who have received their first independent NIH grant within the last year. New grantees are identified by the Division, and attendance is by invitation only.

The workshop covers:

  • Structure, roles, and inter-relationships of NIH, NCI, and DCB
  • Branches within DCB
  • NIH peer review process
  • Competitive renewal applications
  • Sources of supplemental funding
  • Grantee responsibilities in managing their awards
  • NCI Research Resources

The workshop includes breakout sessions with DCB Program Directors and a seminar from an NCI-funded mid-career cancer researcher.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Joanna Watson.

PDFs of the presentations from the January 2021 Workshop (Posted with permission from each author; please do not use without consent):

FOA Pre-application Webinar Slides and Recordings

FOA Title FOA Number(s) Webinar Date Webinar Materials
Translational and Basic Science Research in Early
Lesions (TBEL) Program (U54 & U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

RFA-CA-21-054 & RFA-CA-21-055

09/21/2021 webinar slides
Acquired Resistance to Therapy Network (ARTNet) (U54 & U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) RFA-CA-21-052 & RFA-CA-21-053 09/20/2021 webinar slides
Division of Cancer Biology Multi-Consortia Coordinating Center (U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) RFA-CA-21-049 09/13/2021 webinar slides and recording
Research Centers for Cancer Systems Biology (U54 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) RFA-CA-21-048 09/13/2021 webinar slides and recording
PDAC Stromal Reprogramming Consortium (PSRC) (U01 & U24 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

RFA-CA-21-041 & RFA-CA-21-042

08/31/2021 & 09/03/2021

webinar slides

Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative: Enabling Biomimetic Tissue-Engineered Technologies for Cancer Research (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

PAR-19-113 09/13/2016 webinar slides
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