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Kevin Howcroft, Ph.D.

Division of Cancer Biology (DCB)

Dr. Kevin Howcroft leads the branch in supporting studies on the basic mechanisms of anti-tumor immune responses, the molecular bases of and hematologic malignancies, and the role of microbes in cancer etiology. His areas of expertise include cancer immunology, gene regulation, multiple myeloma, extracellular vesicles, and retrotransposons. His grant portfolio  focuses on B cell cancers, specifically multiple myelomas and it's precursor conditions. 

In describing recent advances in immuno-oncology research, Dr. Howcroft says, “There is a growing sense that our immune response can recognize and eradicate tumors. The use of combination approaches to take away multiple resistance pathways is showing much promise for many cancer patients.”

Along with his work in DCB, Dr. Howcroft is also co-chair for an NCI Cancer Moonshot Implementation Team, the NCI representative for the NIH Geroscience Interest Group (GSIG), a member of the NCI AIDS Internal Working Group, the NIH Cancer and Aging Coordinating Committee, the NCI TACTIC group, and the trans-NIH Microbiome Working Group.  


Research Programs

Dr. Howcroft is also involved in NCI cooperative agreement and NIH Common Fund programs, as well as a Cancer Moonshot initiative:


Prior to DCB, Dr. Howcroft was a staff scientist at NCI studying the molecular biology and regulation of MHC Class 1. 



  • Ph.D, Immunology, University of Connecticut
  • M.S, Cell Biology, University of Cincinnati
  • B.S., Biology, University of Cincinnati