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Molecular Characterization of Screen-Detected Lesions (MCL)

Consortium for Molecular and Cellular Characterization of Screen-Detected Lesions

A critical unmet need in the management of malignancies is the development of minimally invasive methods that predict whether a screen-detected lesion is indolent (i.e., requiring only careful monitoring) or progressive (requiring appropriate intervention).

DCB and the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) supported the Molecular Characterization of Screen-Detected Lesions (MCL) consortium, which worked to comprehensively characterize cellular and molecular components of early lesions and identify features that distinguish indolent from aggressive/progressive lesions. Multi-disciplinary MCL teams (that were funded by RFA-CA-14-010 & RFA-CA-14-011) used enabling technologies to inform better predictions of the fate of precancers and early lesions.

About MCL

Information about the initial goals and the 2015 launch of the MCL program can be found in a DCP news article.

MCL Highlight

Using histological, molecular, and immunological profiling approaches in a recent NPJ Breast Cancer study, Nachmanson et al. generated a breast precancer atlas showing the molecular and microenvironmental heterogeneity of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

Past Projects

Institution Principal Investigator(s) Project Title
Baylor College of Medicine Christopher Amos Coordinating Center: Molecular and Cellular Findings of Screen-Detected Lesions
Johns Hopkins University Kenneth Pienta,
Angelo De Marzo
Multidiciplinary Integrative Genomic Approach to Distinguish Lethal from Indolent Prostate Cancer in Men of Europena and African Ancestry
MD Anderson Cancer Center Anirban Maitra Imaging and Molecular Correlates of Progression in Cystic Neoplasms of the Pancreas
Stanford University James Brooks Stanford Molecular and Cellular Characterization Laboratory
University of California, Los Angeles Steven Dubinett,
Denise Aberle,
Fenghai Duan,
Marc Lenburg
Integrated Molecular, Cellular, and Imaging Characterization of Screen-Detected Lung Cancer
University of California, San Francisco Laura Esserman,
Alexander Borowsky
Elucidating the Molecular and Contextual Basis for IDLE Utralow Risk Lesions and the Tumor Immune Microenvironment of High Risk In Situ and Invasive Breast Cancers
University of Vermont & State Agricultural College Janet Stein,
Brian Sprague,
Donald Weaver
Vermont Breast Cancer Molecular Characterization Laboratory
Vanderbilt University Medical Center Pierre Massion,
Fabien Maldonado
Cellular, Molecular and Quantitative Imaging Analysis of Screening-Detected Lung Adenocarcinoma
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