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Tumor Microenvironment Network Investigators

TMEN Investigators: 2006 - 2017
Project Title PI and Co-Investigators Grantee Institution
Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment Network (U54 CA163120) Surinder Batra, Michael Hollingsworth, Keith Johnson, Rakesh Singh, Kay-Uwe Wagner University of Nebraska Medical Center
Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment Network (U54 CA163120) Gabriele Bergers, Tracy McKnight, Anders Person, Joanna Phillips, Valerie Weaver, William Weiss University of California, San Francisco
Biophysical and molecular dialogue of glioma cells and the brain microenvironment (U54 CA163155) Mina Bissell Nancy Boudreau, Catherine Park University of California-Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Bioengineering 3-D Models for Breast Cancer Therapy (U54 CA126552) Lynda Chin/Andrew Futreal, Ron DePinho, Keith Flaherty, Gordon Freeman, Stephen Hodi, Arlene Sharpe, Jennifer Wargo University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Role of Tumor Stroma in Therapeutic Response and Resistance (U54 CA163125) Michael Clarke, Pat Brown, Stephen Quake Stanford University
Molecular and Functional Characterization of Colon Tumor Cancer Stem Cells and Stroma
(U54 CA126524)
John Condeelis, James Castracane Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Novel Methods for Detecting Cell Interactions in the Tumor Microenvironment (U54 CA126511) John Condeelis, Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, James Castracane, Patricia Keely, Ihor Lemischka, Vladislav Verkhusha Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Tumor microenvironments determining migration, dissemination and dormancy (U54 CA163131) Lisa Coussens, Heiko Daldrup-Link, Matthew Krummel, Laura Van't Veer Oregon Health & Science University
Leukocyte Biomarkers for Predicting Human Breast Cancer Outcomes (U54 CA163123) Yves Declerck, Shahab Asgharzadeh, Richard Jove, Robert Seeger, Hua Yu Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Center for Environment-Mediated Drug Resistance in Pediatric Cancer (U54 CA163117) Eric Holland, Jason Huse, Joan Massague, Shahin Rafii Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Role of the Perivascular Microenvironment in Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumors (U54 CA163167) Eric Holland, Johanna Joyce, Joan Massague Sloan-Kettering Institute of Cancer Research
Tumor Microenvironment Interactions in Brain Tumors (U54 CA126518) Richard Hynes, Sangeeta Bhatia, Steven Carr, Karl Clauser, Tyler Jacks, Mikael Pittet, Andrea Richardson, Alice Shaw, Kenneth Tanabe, Robert Weinberg Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Impact of Cellular and Extracellular Host Components on Tumor Progression (U54 CA163109) Richard Hynes, Tyler Jacks, Mikael Pittet, Robert Weinberg, Ralph Weissleder Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tumor-Stroma Interactions in the Tumor Microenvironment (U54 CA126515) Raghu Kalluri, Glenn Bubley, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, David Scadden University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Stromal Regulation of Bone Metastasis (U54 CA163191) Lynn Matrisian, Neil Bhowmick, Richard Caprioli, Lynda Chin, John Gore, Simon Hayward, Harold Moses, Greg Mundy, John Quakenbush, Yu Shyr Vanderbilt University
Paracrine TGF-Beta Signaling in Tumor Initiation and Progression (U54 CA126505) Stephen Plymate, Judith Campisi, William Carter, Peter Nelson, Robert Vessella University of Washington
Significance of Microenvironment for Prostate Cancer Initiation and Progression (U54 CA126540) David Rowley, Gustavo Ayala, Michael Ittmann Baylor College of Medicine
Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Dormancy in the Bone Marrow Niche (U54 CA163124) Russell Taichman, Arul Chinnaiyan, Kenneth Pienta, Yusuke Shiozawa University of Michigan
Myofibroblasts in Gastrointestinal Cancers (U54 CA163111) Timothy Wang, James Fox, Robert Schwabe, Benjamin Tycko Columbia University Health Science
The Role of Inflammation and Stroma in Digestive Cancer (U54 CA126513) Timothy Wang, William Blaner, Andrea Califano, Andreas Hielscher, Charles Powell, Robert Schwabe, Benjamin Tycko Columbia University Health Science
GI Tract Dysbiosis and Breast Cancer (U01 CA164337) Susan Erdman, Eric Alm, Timothy Wang Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Molecular Determinants of Tumor Progression in A Steatolic Liver Microenvironment (U01 CA143072) David Gorden, Lynn Matrisian, Oliver McIntyre, Harold Moses, Michael VanSaun Vanderbilt University
Differential TGF-Beta Signaling in Bone Microenvironment: Impact on Tumor Growth
(U01 CA143057)
Theresa Guise, Neil Bhowmick, Khalid Mohammad Indiana University at Indianapolis
Non-neoplastic cell types dictate gliomagenesis and response to therapy (U01 CA160882) Dolores Hambardzumyan, David Gutmann, Eric Holland, Helmut Kettenmann Emory University
Role of Fibroblasts, Myeloid Cells and Matrix in PDAC (U01 CA151925) Raghu Kalluri, Harold Moses, Valerie Weaver University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Characterization and Functional Analysis of Breast Cancer Secreted Exosomes in Malignant Progression (U01 CA169538) David Lyden, Mina Bissell, Hector Peinado-Selgas Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Reactive Stroma and Tumor Associated Macrophages in Prostate Cancer Progression (U01 CA143055) Kenneth Pienta, David Rowley Johns Hopkins University
Myoepithelial cell differentiation defects in ductal carcinoma in situ (U01 CA143233) Kornelia Polyak, Mina Bissell, Jeffrey Pollard Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Inflammation and the esophageal tumor microenvironment (U01 CA143056) Anil Rustgi, Umar Mahmood, Timothy Wang University of Pennsylvania
Influences of the Microenvironment on Cancer Stem Cells (U01 CA164188) Hong WuOwen Witte, Peter Nelson University of California Los Angeles
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