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NCI Frederick Campus and Offsite Facilities

The NCI Frederick main campus is located inside the gates of the Fort Detrick US Army facility in Frederick, Maryland. All visitors must enter through Nallin Gate, located on Opossumtown Pike at Amber Road. Visitors must be escorted at all times, unless specifically authorized. The Nallin Gate is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, though the US Army Garrison at Fort Detrick may change the gate hours at any time. For official gate hours, please visit Fort Detrick

NCI Frederick Campus Map

Download a map of NCI Frederick

Access Instructions

NCI Frederick Main Campus

1. Provide proof of identification to the Fort Detrick security staff at the visitor center at Nallin Gate; staff will conduct a background check prior to approving entry.

  • Acceptable forms of government-issued identification include a passport or driver’s license. Check your state or territory’s REAL ID status.

2. Your vehicle will be searched before being allowed to enter the facility grounds. In addition to your vehicle, the trunk and any boxes, bags, or other items may also be searched.

  • If arriving by taxi or other service, all passengers, including the driver, must also obtain a visitor badge before entering the Fort Detrick facility.
  • Federal law prohibits the following items on federal property: firearms, explosives, archery equipment, dangerous weapons, knives with blades over 2.5 inches, and any alcoholic beverages.
  • No photographs may be taken while on the Fort Detrick and NCI Frederick property. Cell phones may be used while driving only if hands free. All drivers must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

3. Proceed to the Protective Services Dispatch Office in Building 426 to receive your visitor badge before proceeding to any other destination.

  • Follow all traffic rules and posted speed limits while on base as you may be ticketed by Fort Detrick or NIH Police.

Advanced Technology Research Facility at Riverside Research Park

The main buildings that make up the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR), including NCI’s Advanced Technology Research Facility (ATRF), are located at Riverside Research Park in Frederick, Maryland, about 5 miles from the main campus. FNLCR has additional laboratories and offices nearby and around the world.

ATRF is located at 8560 Progress Drive, Frederick, MD 21701.

Visitors to ATRF, the Vaccine Clinical Materials Program, or other NCI Frederick locations must report to the reception or security desk located at that facility. Visitors must be escorted at all times, unless specifically authorized.

Free Parking at NCI Frederick

Visitors may park in any spaces on the main Frederick campus, with the exception of those marked "DOD" or "Reserved." Parking is free.

Parking at ATRF, Riverside Research Park, and other offsite facilities is typically provided near the front of these facilities. Parking is free.

Extended Visitors

Extended visitors who will be conducting work for longer than six months may apply for an extended visitor identification card through Protective Services.

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