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Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI)

NCI’s Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) is building a community centered around childhood cancer care and research data. Through enhanced data sharing, we can improve our understanding of cancer biology to improve preventive measures, treatment, quality of life, and survivorship, as well as ensure that researchers learn from every child with cancer.

While childhood cancers represent the leading cause of death by disease in children over the age of 1, they are collectively rare, comprising about 1%‒3% of cancers diagnosed annually in the United States. Information on diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes is often stored at the hospital or institution where a child is treated, making it difficult to answer scientific questions about childhood cancer.

Sharing clinical care and research data generated by children’s hospitals, clinics, or networks broadly with the community can help us learn faster and on a scale much larger than any single institution caring for children can learn on its own.

Childhood Cancer Data Initiative (CCDI) Learning from Every Child

Members of the pediatric cancer community discuss the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative and share its need, purpose, and aims to help all children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer.

CCDI Goals

CCDI has three foundational goals:

  1. gather data from every child, adolescent, and young adult diagnosed with a childhood cancer, regardless of where they receive their care
  2. create a national strategy of appropriate clinical and molecular characterization to speed diagnosis and inform treatment for all types of childhood cancers
  3. develop a platform and tools to bring together clinical care and research data that will improve preventive measures, treatment, quality of life, and survivorship for childhood cancers


  • About the CCDI

    Learn more about the initiative and its structure.

  • CCDI Progress

    Read about what progress CCDI has made.

  • Stories from the Community

    People from the CCDI community share their stories and discuss the importance of data sharing in childhood cancer.

  • CCDI Data Ecosystem

    Find out how the CCDI Data Ecosystem will connect different types of childhood cancer data and provide tools for researchers to find and access these data.

  • Events and Webinars

    NCI hosts CCDI events periodically throughout the year.