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Acquired Resistance to Therapy Network (ARTNet)

Representative image for ARTNet, which focuses on the mechanistic bases of acquired resistance to cancer therapies and disease recurrence.

ARTNet (funded through RFA-CA-21-052/RFA-CA-21-053 by DCB and the NCI Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis) focuses on the mechanistic bases of acquired resistance to cancer therapies and disease recurrence.

Its central goal is to balance basic, pre-clinical, and translational research using an iterative team science structure that will enable hypothesis testing on the biological basis of resistance in clinically relevant model systems.

ARTNet also aims to provide evidence along the shared tumor-tumor microenvironment (TME) continuum to inform new strategies that can be better translated into future clinical trials.

Collectively, the network represents a range of treatment modalities (e.g., chemotherapy, radiation, targeted agents, immunotherapies, combined modalities) and cancer types in pursuit of addressing compelling questions and significant barriers in acquired therapy resistance research.

ARTNet News

New grants for ARTNet were awarded in Fall 2022.

Dr. Boyi Gan, Dr. Albert Koong, et al. at the Acquired Resistance to Therapy and Iron (ARTI) Center are investigating the role of iron in cancer resistance to therapies. They are specifically focusing on mechanisms resistance to radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer and esophageal cancer.

The Houston Center for Acquired Resistance Research (H-CARR), led by Jeffrey Myers and Vlad Sandulache, is advancing the biological understanding of key drivers of cisplatin resistance in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. It is also developing strategies for the early detection of treatment resistance and approaches for overcoming it.
Using novel experimental approaches, advanced models, and clinical samples, Dr. Jeffrey Tyner, Dr. Brian Druker, Dr. Shannon McSweeney, et al. at the OHSU ARTNet Center are determining the mechanistic drivers of acquired drug resistance in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Additionally, they are generating an AML atlas to map resistance mediated by the tumor microenvironment to inform combination treatment strategies.
The BAATAR-UP ARTNet Center, led by Drs. Trever Bivona and Jack Roth, is characterizing mechanisms of acquired resistance to molecular therapies in non-small cell lung cancer, including the role of the tumor microenvironment and cell plasticity. It is also examining how oncogenic EGFR and KRAS mutations contribute to cell interactions in the tumor ecosystem that modulate the response to therapy.
Dr. Pankaj Singh et al. at the ARTNet Center for Pancreatic Cancer (ACPC) are examining novel mechanisms of acquired resistance in pancreatic cancer and developing combination therapies to target treatment resistance. As part of these efforts, they are evaluating tumor-stromal dynamics with standard of care treatments.

The ARTNet Coordinating and Data Management Center, led by Drs. Alan D. Hutson, David Goodrich, Song Liu, and Martin Morgan, coordinates activities and working groups across the consortium, as well as manages, integrates, and shares resources generated through the program. 

ARTNet Digital Media

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DCB Contact for ARTNet

For additional information about ARTNet, please contact Dr. Jeff Hildesheim

Funded Projects

ARTNet Research Centers (U54s)

Institution Principal Investigator(s) Center Title
MD Anderson Cancer Center Boyi Gan, Albert Koong Acquired Resistance to Therapy and Iron (ARTI) Center
MD Anderson Cancer Center  Jefferey N. Myers, Vlad C. Sandulache The Houston Center for Acquired Resistance Research (H-CARR)
Oregon Health and Science University  Jeffery W. Tyner, Brian J. Druker, Shannon K. McSweeney Architecture and Trajectory of Acquired Resistance to Therapy in AML 
University of California, San Francisco  Trever G. Bivona, Jack Roth Bay Area & Anderson Team Against Acquired Resistance - U54 Program (BAATAAR-UP)
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center  Pankaj K. Singh

Pancreatic Cancer ARTNet Center

ARTNet Coordinating and Data Management Center (U24)

Institution Principal Investigator(s) Center Title
Roswell Park Cancer Institute Alan D. Hutson, David W. Goodrich, Song Liu, Martin T. Morgan Coordinating and Data Management Center for Acquired Resistance to Therapy Network 
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