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Onco-Aging Consortium (OAC)

Image of KRAS-driven lung cancer overlayed with "Onco-Aging Consortium"

Onco-Aging Consortium

The OAC is a joint NCI and National Institute on Aging (NIA) program funded through RFA-CA-20-040. It was established to support research addressing key questions regarding how hallmarks of aging lead to impaired cellular activities and alterations in the microenvironment that contribute to the development and outgrowth of cancer-initiating cells (CICs). 

The OAC supports interdisciplinary teams that combine aging and cancer expertise with approaches to decipher the biological pathways during aging that contribute to cancer initiation.  

OAC News and Highlights

OMF Scientist Highlight: Jennifer Trowbridge

Dr. Trowbridge is an Associate Professor at Jackson Laboratory. Her laboratory investigates the regulation of stem cells in the blood during normal development, aging, and leukemia. In her OAC research, she is examining the how aging contributes to clonal hematopoiesis and leukemia. 

In the video of the 2021 Edward P. Evans Seminar in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) at Dana-Farber, she presents her work focusing on mechanisms of hematopoietic aging, clonal hematopoiesis, and the risk of myeloid malignancies.

OAC Meetings

OAC Kick-Off Meeting – Feb. 17-18, 2022


DCB Contact for OAC

For additional information about the OAC, please contact Dr. Margaret Klauzinska

Funded Projects

Institution Principal Investigator(s) Project Title
Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center William M. Grady, Matt Kaeberlein The role of the senescent microenvironment on cancer initiating cells in the colon
Harvard Medical School Marcia Haigis, Carla F. Kim Progenitor cell states contributing to aging and lung cancer
Jackson Laboratory Sheng Li, James V. Degregori Impact of aging and clonal hematopoiesis on epigenetic heterogeneity, evolvability, and leukemogenesis
Jackson Laboratory Jennifer J. Trowbridge, Ross L. Levine Assessing the interplay between inflammatory signaling and epigenetic dysregulation in age-associated clonal hematopoiesis and leukemia initiation
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Scott W. Lowe Impact of the aging niche on cancer phenotypes probed using mouse cancer models produced by somatic engineering
Stanford University Monte M. Winslow Dissecting the interplay between aging, genotype and the microenvironment in lung cancer
University of California, San Diego Robert A.J. Signer, Jeffrey A. Magee The influence of proteostasis loss in aging hematopoietic stem cells on leukemia initiation
University of Michigan Gary J. Fisher, Andrej A. Dlugosz, Taihao Quan The aging cutaneous microenvironment and cancer initiation
University of Michigan Megan M. Weivoda, Thomas L.G. Andersen, Matthew T. Drake Role of senescence in multiple myeloma tumorigenesis
University of Pittsburgh Lan Coffman, Ronald J. Buckanovich, Toren Finkel Defining the impact of stromal aging on ovarian cancer initiation
University of Texas Health Science Center Sun Luzhe Aging-associated mammary cancer-initiating cells
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