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CGH Strategic Plan

The Center for Global Health (CGH) was established to incorporate cancer control into global health programs, foster research within NCI and across the world, and develop partnerships with the global cancer research and control community. Much has been accomplished since 2011, and CGH remains committed to global impact, equity, and collaboration in its second decade. 

The 2021–2025 CGH Strategic Plan has updated goals and specific strategies, with a focus on supporting low- and middle-income countries.  


  • Research: support innovative, impactful research that (a) addresses key scientific issues in global cancer control and (b) leverages unique or unusual scientific opportunities afforded by collaboration with global partners 
  • Research Training: support cancer research training that enables equitable, impactful global scientific collaboration 
  • Dissemination: promote the integration of current scientific knowledge into global cancer control policies and practice 
  • Partnership: represent NCI and promote its engagement with key partners in global cancer research and control 

Strategic Priorities 

CGH will work towards these goals by identifying key scientific gaps in global cancer control, which will inform new extramural funding initiatives with other NCI extramural divisions and across the National Institutes of Health (NIH). CGH will also increase the number of low- and middle-income country collaborators through these new extramural funding initiatives by developing new funding opportunity announcements with foreign components and administering the grants. By supporting investigators who seek to expand international collaborations, CGH will promote equity in global cancer control research. Through CGH-supported partnerships, as well as non-NIH funding partnerships coordinated by CGH, investigators from low- and middle-income countries can increase their scientific research capacity and rigor in line with their country or organization’s needs. 

How CGH Measures Progress 

Throughout strategic plan implementation, CGH will solicit advice from internal and external advisory boards and continuously monitor progress toward goals. CGH will undergo an external evaluation in 2025 to inform an updated strategic plan for 2026–2030. 

For more information on how progress is measured across CGH programs, see the Evaluation Framework.

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