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International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP)

Ghanian nurses-in-training look on as head nurse preps a patient
Credit: Emmanuel Attramah, PMI Impact Malaria


The International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP) brings together United Nations agencies, NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, governments, and nongovernmental organizations to help countries develop and implement evidence-based national cancer control plans. It’s coordinated by the Center for Global Health (CGH) to meet United Nations targets.


ICCP provides technical assistance to countries for the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of their national cancer control plans. It does this by

  • providing leadership and expertise to stakeholders in the development of national cancer control plans and their implementation, as informed by data and the priorities of the country 
  • reviewing, evaluating, and providing feedback on drafts of national cancer control plans 
  • assisting with updating expired or soon-to-expire national cancer control plans 
  • facilitating dialogue with experts on a specific areas of cancer control 
  • using NCI Project ECHO® Program, a collaborative learning technology, to develop a virtual community dedicated to cancer control planning 
  • assessing the status of cancer control planning around the world to find gaps and disseminate evidence-based strategies 

How to Connect

 For information, visit the ICCP website or contact

For CGH specifics, contact Ms. Mishka Kohli Cira.