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International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP)

A researcher looks on as a staff member reviews a document
Credit: D. Snyder


The International Cancer Research Partnership (ICRP) is an alliance of cancer research funding organizations, led by the Center for Global Health (CGH), that collaborate and strategically coordinate opportunities for cancer research across the globe.


ICRP helps define the landscape of global cancer research and identify areas that need strengthening. It does this by

  • partnering with 147 government, public, and nonprofit international funding organizations that represent over $80 billion in investments for cancer research 
  • managing a public database of cancer research funding data beyond the parent grant and principal investigator, so users can find projects and collaborators and avoid duplicate efforts 
  • using the database, ICRP assesses trends in cancer research over time 
  • hosting annual meetings and monthly webinars for organizations funding cancer research to share information and explore partnerships

How to Connect

Organizations interested in becoming a partner are welcome to visit the ICRP website and follow the application guidelines

For information, contact Lynne Davies, operations manager, at


Since 2000, ICRP partners have represented a wide range of governmental, public, and nonprofit cancer research funding organizations from across the world. See the full list of ICRP partners and funding organizations.