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World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Global Cancer Control

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The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have designated the Center for Global Health (CGH) as one of their 800+ collaborating centers, and the only one dedicated to global cancer control, to coordinate activities and provide technical advice for WHO’s cancer control goals.


The WHO Collaborating Center for Global Cancer Control enables countries to strengthen their health systems for better cancer-specific results. It does this by 

  • coordinating experts and events across NCI and WHO to communicate on goals, prioritization, and strategy alignment  
  • providing technical guidance on how to prevent cancer, care for survivors, and form cancer control plans  
  • developing workshops, manuals, analyses, and tools to control cancer and disseminate cancer research  
  • guiding research, strategy, and implementation for WHO’s initiative to eliminate cervical cancer

How to Connect

For information, see WHO’s web page on collaborating centers or contact


Since 2016, CGH has worked directly with WHO’s cancer team in the Geneva headquarters, the PAHO team in Washington, DC, and the WHO regional offices.