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The International Cancer Control Partnership (ICCP)

CGH Program/Initiative Type: Cancer Control Planning

The ICCP is a collaboration of governments, United Nations agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work together to reduce the global burden of cancer by ensuring countries have national cancer control plans. The partnership, initiated by CGH, took form in November 2012 and officially launched in South Africa in November 2013. The partner organizations work together to support national cancer control plan development and implementation.

ICCP Priorities

  • Encourage decision-makers to prioritize cancer control
  • Help countries develop cancer control plans
  • Coordinate efforts to develop and disseminate cancer control planning materials and tools, technical assistance, and training to address data gaps (when identified)

The ICCP Portal

The ICCP portal brings together the experience and best practice knowledge of leading cancer organizations and provides selected resources and tools on cancer control in one place for cancer planners, including:

  • A searchable database of published national cancer plans
  • A library of tools and material for cancer planners
  • Information on worldwide case studies and best practices

ICCP Cancer Control Project ECHO® Program

NCI Center for Global Health is supporting the ICCP Cancer Control Project ECHO Program, focused on the effective utilization of evidence to inform the implementation of cancer control plans. Visit the ICCP Technical Assistance Portal for additional information, access to past session recordings, and updates on the request for applications.  

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