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NCI HIV and AIDS Research Coordinated by OHAM

NCI researchers Douglas Lowy, M.D., and John Schiller, Ph.D., pioneered discoveries that led to the development of the HPV vaccine.

Credit: R. Baer

In addition to research programs managed by OHAM, NCI conducts and supports research in HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancy throughout many of its Divisions, Offices, and Centers. As part of its role in overseeing research efforts in this field, some research activities are directly supported by OHAM.

The NCI has been at the forefront of HIV/AIDS research since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and NCI scientists have made a number of critical research contributions. The NCI currently supports a robust and varied research program in HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancy.

Intramural Research

An active research program in HIV/AIDS and HIV malignancies is conducted by scientists working at the NCI campuses in Bethesda, Rockville, and Frederick, Maryland. The Center of Excellence in HIV/AIDS and Cancer Virology coordinates scientists working throughout a number of Programs and Branches, including the:

Extramural Research

In addition, a broad range of extramural HIV/AIDS research, mostly focused on HIV malignancies, is supported by the NCI. Some of the Divisions, Centers, and Offices with robust HIV/AIDS research programs include the:

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