Comparison of Dollars, Positions, and Space

In this table, funds represent obligations against the annual appropriation in millions of dollars. FTEs are the number of work years for appointed employees of the NCI. A work year equals 2,080 hours. Space is in thousands of square feet, excluding NCI-Frederick.

The increase in space (Sq Ft) during FY 2013 is due to NCI's lease of its Shady Grove complex, a new consolidated facility in Rockville, MD. This facility has the advantage of providing additional space for NCI scientific programs, and includes conference and meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a data center that serves multiple NCI facilities. During FY 2013, NCI was working to decommission their vacated leased facilities, and continued to lease a portion of them while completing the decommissioning process.

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  • Posted: February 16, 2018