Comparison of Dollars, Positions, and Space

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Funds represent the obligations against the annual NCI appropriation. FTEs are the number of work years for NCI employees. A work year equals 2,080 hours. Space is in thousands of square feet, excluding the facility space at NCI-Frederick.

The increase in space (measured in square feet) during FY 2013 is due to NCI’s lease of its Shady Grove complex, a new consolidated facility in Rockville, MD. This facility has the advantage of providing additional space for NCI scientific programs, and includes conference and meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a data center that serves multiple NCI facilities. During FY 2013, NCI was working to decommission their vacated leased facilities. NCI must continue to lease a porition of the vacant space as they complete the decommissioning process.

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  • Posted: December 16, 2016