Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative

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The Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative (TEC) Research Program supports the development and characterization of state-of-the-art biomimetic tissue-engineered technologies for cancer research. Collaborative, multidisciplinary projects that engage the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, biomaterials, and bioengineering with cancer biology will be essential for generating novel experimental models that mimic cancer pathophysioogy to elucidate specific cancer phenomena that are otherwise difficult to examine in vivo. Project applications are invited through an NCI-supported funding opportunity announcement for R01 grants.

The Cancer TEC Research Program will catalyze the advancement of innovative, well characterized in vitro and ex vivo systems available for cancer research, expand the breadth of these systems to several cancer types, and promote the exploration of cancer phenomena with biomimetic tissue-engineered systems.

Investigators supported through the Cancer TEC Research Program will be affiliate members of the NCI Physical Sciences - Oncology Network, and opportunities for cross-program discussion and collaboration will be fostered through activities such as the annual Physical Sciences - Oncology Network Investigators’ Meeting.

Funding Opportunities

The Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative consists of specialized U01 and R01 research projects. For information on ongoing funding opportunities, reference the R01 announcement Cancer Tissue Engineering Collaborative: Enabling Biomimetic Tissue-Engineered Technologies for Cancer Research PAR-17-171.

Research project grants awarded in the first round of U01 Announcement PAR-16-105 are listed below. This U01 funding opportunity expired on January 27, 2017, and has been replaced by R01 announcement PAR-17-171. Slides and frequently asked questions from the public pre-application webinar are now available.

Funded Projects (as of September 2017)
Institution Principal Investigators Project Title
Boston University Drs. Joe Tien and Celeste Nelson Engineered invasive human breast tumors with integrated capilaries and lymphatics
Harvard University Drs. David Mooney, Jennifer Lewis, and F. Stephen Hodi 3D Models of Immunotherapy
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Drs. Ali Khademhosseini and Shiladitya Sengupta Engineering Personalized Micro-Tumor Ecosystems
  • Posted: September 21, 2017