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atrophic vaginitis
(ay-TROH-fik va-jih-NY-tis)
A condition in which the tissues lining the inside of the vagina (birth canal) become thin, dry, and inflamed. This is caused by a decrease in the amount of estrogen (a female hormone) made by the body. Symptoms of atrophic vaginitis include vaginal dryness, itching, and burning, and pain during sexual intercourse. Other symptoms include a burning feeling while urinating, feeling a need to urinate often or right away, and being unable to control the flow of urine. Atrophic vaginitis most commonly occurs in women who have gone through menopause naturally or who have early menopause caused by certain types of cancer treatment (such as radiation therapy to the pelvis or chemotherapy) or by having their ovaries removed by surgery. Also called vaginal atrophy.