Gynecologic Cancers Steering Committee

The Gynecologic Cancers Steering Committee (GCSC) was transitioned into a disease-specific steering committee from the Gynecologic Cancer Intergroup in May 2006. At monthly meetings, the GCSC addresses the design, prioritization, and evaluation of concepts for phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials in adult gynecologic cancers. As part of its mission, this GCSC is intent on fostering collaboration with international groups and institutions engaged in conducting trials in gynecologic cancers. View the GCSC member roster.

Strategic Priorities

  • GCSC Strategic Priorities were formulated with the goal that the majority of submitted concepts would align with these established priorities. They address areas of unmet clinical need, important unanswered clinical questions, and potential new approaches to disease treatment.

Task Forces

  • Task forces were established to discuss concepts and make recommendations for clinical trial planning meetings in their disease subtypes:
    • cervical cancer
    • ovarian cancer
    • uterine cancer

Clinical Trial Planning Meetings (CTPMs)

CTPMs are held periodically and focus on specific clinical trial related topics. The following are important GCSC CTPMs:

  • Designing Targeted Trials for Targeted Endometrial Cancer Populations Using Targeted Agents
    Despite a 50 percent increase in endometrial cancer incidence, with a nearly 300 percent increase in deaths over the period from 1987 to 2008, no new agents have been approved for treatment of endometrial cancer over this same two-decade period. In January 2016, a CTPM was convened with the goal of integration of molecular and/or histologic stratification into endometrial cancer management. Read the executive summary.
  • Ovarian Cancer CTPM
    In October 2011, the GCSC convened a clinical trial planning meeting to identify key tumor types, associated molecular pathways, and biomarkers for targeted drug intervention. A more integrated and efficient approach for screening new agents using smaller selective randomized trials in specific disease-type settings was endorsed, together with collaborative funding models between industry and the national clinical trials network. Read the executive summary and JNCI commentary summary.
  • Cervical Cancer CTPM
    In September 2007, GCSC sponsored a meeting to review current knowledge focused on pretreatment evaluation and prognostic markers in cervical cancer and make recommendations for future research. Read about the proceedings and conclusions of that meeting in the Gynecologic Oncology Meeting Report.
  • Endometrial Cancer State of the Science
    In November 2006, GCSC sponsored a meeting to our understanding of endometrial cancer (EC) and uterine carcinosarcoma and to develop new treatment strategies to improve outcomes. Read the meeting summary and the full publication article.


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