Pediatric and Adolescent Solid Tumor Steering Committee

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The Pediatric and Adolescent Solid Tumor Steering Committee (PASTSC) was established in 2011. PASTSC members include representatives from the Children's Oncology Group, pediatric and medical oncologists and other specialists, translational scientists, biostatisticians, patient advocates, and NCI staff.

Mission Statement

The PASTSC works to promote the best clinical and translational science in the study of the extracranial solid tumors of children and youth by critically reviewing submitted phase 2 and phase 3 concepts for their rationale, design and priority. Concepts in brain and other central nervous system tumors are reviewed by the Brain Malignancies Steering Committee.

Roster of Pediatric and Adolescent Solid Tumor Steering Committee (PASTSC) members


2015 Pediatric and Adolescent Solid Tumor Steering Committee Strategic Priorities

PASTSC Activities

Clinical Trials Planning Meetings (CTPMs)


Clinical Trials

The following are clinical trials that were approved at the concept stage by the Steering Committee:

Trial IDNCT IDTrial Title
COG-ANBL1221 NCT01767194 Phase II Randomized Trial of Irinotecan Hydrochloride and Temozolomide With Temsirolimus or Monoclonal Antibody Ch14.18 in Treating Younger Patients With Refractory or Relapsed Neuroblastoma
COG-ANBL12P1 NCT01798004

Pilot Study Using Myeloablative Busulfan/Melphalan (BuMel) Consolidation Following Induction Chemotherapy for Patients with Newly Diagnosed High-risk Neuroblastoma

COG-ARST1321 NCT02180867

A Feasibility Study of Ifosfamide and Doxorubicin (ID) and Radiotherapy with or without Pazopanib in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Unresected Intermediate- or High-Risk Non-Rhabdomyosarcoma Soft Tissue Sarcoma (NRSTS)

COG-AEWS1221 NCT02306161

Randomized Phase II Selection Trial Evaluating the Addition of the IGF-1R Monoclonal Antibody AMG 479 to Multiagent Chemotherapy for Patients with Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma

COG-ANBL1232 NCT02176967

Response and Biology-Based Therapy for Patients with Non-High-Risk Neuroblastoma

COG-ARET12P1 NCT02097134

A Multi-institutional Feasibility Study of Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy Given in the Ophthalmic Artery of Children with Retinoblastoma

COG-AOST1322 NCT02097238

Phase II Study of Eribulin in Recurrent or Refractory Osteosarcoma

COG-AOST1321 NCT02470091

Phase II Study of Denosumab, a RANK Ligand Antibody, for Recurrent Osteosarcoma

COG-AOST1421 NCT02484443

Phase II Trial of Human-Mouse Chimeric Anti-Disialoganglioside Monoclonal Antibody (ch14.18) in Combination with GM-CSF in Patients with Recurrent Osteosarcoma

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CCCT Contact: Wolf Lindwasser, Ph.D.